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  Volkswagen international moving company for the world's top 500 enterprises, one of the world's four major express delivery company TNT's wholly-owned subsidiaries in China. As a qualification for transport at the national level, hoau logistics has always been committed to making China's most powerful, most efficient, most reliable network. Shanghai Volkswagen international moved company of predecessor Heilongjiang Province China Yu logistics group, and 1995 began built Yu Guangzhou, and Shanghai International moved company, and Shanghai International moved field company, and international moved company, and international moved, and Jiading moved company, and Songjiang moved company, and Pudong moved company, and Pudong moved field company, and Baoshan moved company, and Baoshan moved field company early in in the 1990 of the 20th century on has in China carried out highway transport business, and and in 2005 on has has national first batch 5 a, level logistics enterprise qualification certification.
China's road transportation services leader, we insist on investing in people, focused on the customer experience. By virtue of a high performance network covering the whole country and expanding business scale, Shanghai Volkswagen international moving company is committed to provide you with punctual, safe and convenient cross-regional integrated transport services.
TNT group is a leading global provider of express mail services, for corporate and personal customers with a full range of express and mail services. Headquarters is located in the Netherlands of the TNT group, in Europe and Asia offers efficient network, and by expanding operations worldwide to maximize network performance. TNT has 163,000 employees, distributed in more than 200 countries and regions. In 2008, group sales revenues amounted to € 11.1 billion, operating income of € 982 million, is the world's first investment in people certification of express company.
Shanghai dazhong international moving company is by the Shanghai Municipal Government for approval, issuance of the business license of the road transport business license, tax registration certificate, and other related documents qualified as a legitimate business. And with China Pacific property insurance company limited-Shanghai Branch cooperation, to new and old customers to provide insurance services.
Shanghai dazhong international moving company is operating in Shanghai, a veteran of many years, transport companies, since entering the transport and logistics market in Shanghai, has achieved a certain market share, and seriously abide by the laws, regulations and business ideas, ongoing internal management mechanisms to improve, to scientific management and promote the healthy development of the company.
Shanghai dazhong international moving company transport regions have major provinces and autonomous regions throughout the country. And in some cities to set up offices, our company specializes in Shanghai to LTL, vehicle, transport operations throughout the country. Equipped with all kinds of box-type trucks, flatbed, half-closed car, car length 4.2 m-17.5 meters respectively. Equipped with special low extended car and tractor and other heavy transport vehicles.
Intention to serve you throughout every city and corners, all you need is a phone, the rest of the things we do, the quality of service, in Exchange for your trust and support to our company.
Shanghai dazhong international moving company corporate culture:
Shanghai dazhong international moving company is the human struggle, survival and development, creating value for customers, a group. We firmly believe that sincerely provides satisfaction for the customer service will make the development and expansion of the mission: to create good transportation environment and promoting healthy and rapid development of the logistics of the whole society.
Shanghai dazhong international moving company value:
Shanghai dazhong international moving companies provide customers competitive advantage, providing employees with opportunities for shareholders to win rewards, create good benefits for society Shanghai Volkswagen international moving company service tenet:
Closer to the customer, in good faith actions to meet customer and win-win to retain customers, the personality to lead customers, establish Huayu logistics development of dynamic balance with our clients.
Shanghai Volkswagen international moved company luggage checked to note of problem 1, and first understand himself by prepared checked of goods, and and prepared enough of carton; 2, and reduced piecemeal small items, and will its concentrated to slightly big some of carton within; 3, and books packaging best selection small carton packaging, and don't loaded of too much, and control in 25 kg around (a a people can hold moving); 4, and crafts (as vase, and antique class) should first will items itself internal be fill Hou into packaging box within, and again will its around with bubble or paper fixed, and To reduce on it of oscillation; 5, and like box, and mirror with cloth or towel package good Hou be strapping; 6, and Bowl, and disc, and spoon, and Cup with paper will its separated again boxing, and around with paper or bubble be fixed, and reduced they Zhijian of collision, and avoid damaged; 7, and tool with thick paper made nursing sets, and will blade package live, and and tape fixed; 8, and clothes, and bedding with carton and woven bagged good Hou strapping good; 9, and finishing box, and password box finishing box and password box best loaded full items, and with tape seal died, and wrote Shang station, and name; to company Hou, and I company professional packaging personnel with telescopic film packaging, and wrapped around Shang tape, and wrote Shang station, and name, and phone, and pieces number, and paste label and vulnerable broken label; 10, and computer, and small appliances computer, and small appliances first with telescopic film winding, and again with carton packaging, and box within fill senior bubble, and best using original packaging; Note: best in box, and prepared bags maximum surface or obviously at indicate station, and name, and phone, and pieces number, and easy broken, and fear pressure items wrote Shang "not pressure, and easy broken, and carefully light", words; above items sent to our packaging workshop, and Master Professional packaging according to customer requirements, characteristics and mode of transport for packaging professionals.
Articles, books, luggage and other items can be used in packaging must be moisture-proof treatment.

Shanghai Volkswagen International Moving Company

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