Notice to customers

  in order to better serve the people, in order to properly handling, complete moving tasks, we propose the following is for reference only.
Of high-grade mahogany furniture, air moving, piano moving, need to be booked three days in advance, the company reasonably arrange professional staff, to full-time professional, accurate, on-time, quality, and quantity to accomplish the task.
For large industrial moving, company providing professionals. Home valuation, accounting and operations on the customer to discuss the relocation process.

1, gold, silver jewelry, book money, antiques antique table coupons, tickets, cards and other valuables by the customer is responsible for keeping their own, checked shall not be attached to the moving object, all consequences arising from entrainment by the shipping risk.
2, shipping valuables, customers are required to affirm its label, told Porter attention, handling both furniture and goods by the customer is responsible for custody.
3, by the customer prior to Cabinet, Cabinet, objects and small items, assembled in carton or packet, affect moving walkways help do a good job of necromancy.
4, are packing delicate or fragile friends parties clearly identified to prevent handling damage, where the consequences conceited by the customer due to entrainment, carrying dangerous goods is prohibited.
5, the customer declare the situation different from fee actually charged to the required standard, note: entry fee of 80--280 Yuan/piece size piece of furniture.
6 parking, loading and unloading stations hand traffic police, patrol control where prior contact by the client implementation.
7, damage occurred during transportation, carrier to built, negotiating compensation that cannot be repaired, items damaged in the move field workers in the country, according to price 30% compensation.
8, customers ordering time changes should be notified in advance, consequences caused by customer, 30% of the total deduction of moving expenses as compensation.
9, fees, according to distance, levels, items, easy to difficult level pricing.
10, and disassembly air conditioning fee: 100 Yuan/Taiwan; big Cabinet disassembly fee: 80 Yuan; far from up document: 6-10 Yuan/km; decorated up from: 5-10 Yuan/meters; lifting: 10 Yuan/pieces/layer; waiting fee: 10 Yuan/hours/people; floors by per person layer (employing without car) artificial fee: 50-100 Yuan piano: 150 Yuan.

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