Move to guard against heatstroke in summer heat

  with the advent of hot weather in summer, there will be heat in the process of moving. If we are in the process of handling are dizziness, Vertigo, headache, nausea, chest discomfort, irritability and other symptoms, you probably was suffering from heat exhaustion. We should therefore pay attention to water, due to the large volume of work in handling, our body more moisture evaporate, not thirsty to drink water, when the body is dehydrated. In addition, some trace elements will evaporate with the water in the body was taken away, should be appropriate to drink salt water.
Because we carry physical exertion during the day, and tend to feel tired. Get enough sleep, can cause the brain and various systems of the body are relaxed, will help prevent heat stroke. Sleep don't lie on the air outlet of the air conditioner and the fan down to avoid risk of air conditioning heat and cold. Event of a heat stroke symptoms, we should immediately stop doing things, to find a shade to sit down while added moisture, SIP of tea drinking. Unlock button collar, tie, and maintaining good ventilation around and paint or to escape the drugs; after a period of time after the break, if symptoms increased rather than decreased, timely medical treatment.
Movers is a hard job, if friends Shanghai dazhong international move in the summer, really need to understand moving professionals. Although it is a paid service, but really is not much money on their hands. Is working after all, even this many low income family.
In addition, the move in the summer there are many note, again given that summer moved little knowledge:
First, space staff should be well in advance awnings to prevent inflammable materials in the Sun.
Second, moving staff try not to go out at 11 o'clock in the morning until 3 o'clock in the afternoon the high temperature period; to take precaution when going out, carry sunstroke prevention medicines such as Dan, ten drops; light-oriented diet, eating more fruit, supplemented with water; plenty of rest, don't burn the midnight oil so as not to reduce the body's resistance.
Third, before moving to monitor the media coverage of the weather forecast, and move them around the time of the company, trying to avoid thunderstorms when it comes to moving.

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