Moving house Feng Shui horoscope and family health are inseparable

  imagine that one's life many times moves to new home opportunities? home Feng Shui influences on our how much? Shanghai dazhong international moving reminder moved ten wind water must be aware of the following considerations.
1, if you move the way far in carry-on luggage to bring a handful of rice and a new home and a small bottle of water to the soil. Especially for moving from one province to another province and even more so, not to mention abroad. So to prevent soil and homesick.
2, after moving to naofang within the first days or weeks, that is sure to please friends and family and neighbors in the home of excitement: or talk or eat or entertainment, and, as lively as possible to exorcise.
3, to choose suitable for moving "moments". Day can see "Daily Almanac"; recorded in any Almanac: pony, horse, dehe, opening day, whole day, their sins, days, four-phase, Shi de, days, months grace and so on should be relocated. Note avoid Almanac records: spent four, five, four, breaking days, weekdays, closed day, closed day four, to die, to avoid, collectors, old, tired of months, month sentence, three days. To see if this day and the family signs are rushed, if rushed to choose another date. On this basis, find the appropriate time of the day, set a suitable moving time. Usually move to select the day. Otherwise moving can affect your luck at night.
4, special remind: If you are pregnant, so should not be witnessed throughout the relocation process. Moving day auspicious times, water heating, cooking, best do worship, setting off firecrackers and other work.
5, to select a new move the pillow. Neo-Confucianism that "occupation" listeners transfer of gas field, so need a pillow to occupation: in accordance with the number of families, enabling new pillow to open the door into the House. Placed in accordance with individual beds. In Hong Kong, Singapore and other Chinese pillows inside the envelope, containing 138 Yuan in an attempt to "germinal" meaning.
Take 6, arrival 21 sticks of incense burning, from the House to the left, and was smoked by smoke sweeping rooms and toilet cooker, ceiling, wall and wall, right out of the House, outside places of safety, discard it out. To get rid of the evil influence, especially for those who build in the Feng Shui is the Foundation of the House is very important.
7, the day of arrival, be sure to boil a kettle of boiling water, meaning the money rolling in. While plug in basin (kitchen, bathroom, etc), open the tap, carefully to slow water flow, because long, meaning the full bowl full of meaning. Houses also can turn on the fan, round about hair dryers, blow door but don't, meaning wind.
8 don't be angry, moving day, never swearing, especially not to abuse children. Must say auspicious words, lucky thing.
9, we'd a full metre-meter cylinder or m barrels, barrel placed in a piece of writing with "Chang Man" red paper, 168 Yuan or placing the envelope, taking its "green" meaning.
10, house day in their new home for a siesta, or vulnerable to disease later. Sleep that night, he will lie down in a matter of minutes after working for a while, said bed also.
Move we face problems moving Feng Shui related to family health and fortune, handled properly is more likely to bring some negative effects. Moving House is a very important event, commonly known as the "housewarming" move cannot be, nor careless, certainly not choosing an auspicious day time or an auspicious day to move everything from more than ten matters, moving knowledge there are so many, so Shanghai dazhong international move to remind us: move don't forget about Feng Shui.

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